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 Welcome to Bodybuilder Bulldogs! We are located just south of Shawnee, Oklahoma about an hour from Oklahoma City.
We love Olde English Bulldogges and AKC English Bulldogs! Although we have raised a variety of other dogs, we strongly believe these two are special! We raise our dogs to be family pets. We have four children, which means that our Bullies are socialized properly with children from the day they are born. We have a small acreage farm in rural Oklahoma where we produce healthy, happy Bulldogs that will become beloved family pets and show stoppers!
We pride ourselves on producing bulldogges that combine the best of both worlds – structure and color. We want our dogs to be exceptional in every way. Currently, we are working on producing dogs in popular colors, including chocolate, blue, black, lilac, brindle, and the tri colors. We believe, however, that beautiful color is just a great addition. If a bulldog is poorly bred and raised, then color makes very little difference.

Family is the focus of Bodybuilder Bulldogs. We are a rural Oklahoma family who loves bulldogs and we want to share our love with you. We have 4 children who are actively involved in the lives of our bulldogs every day. We have experienced over the years what a bulldog can bring and mean to a family. They bring daily happiness to our lives as our children play and interact with all our beloved bullies. Our puppies are socialized with our children from the moment of birth. This is an experience our children are blessed to have. It also means you get a puppy who is well on his or her way to being a well rounded and socialized adult. Our goal is to bring you some bulldog happiness from our family to yours.

Contact us today about purchasing an Olde English Bulldogge or English Bulldog! Visit our puppies page to see some of our newest babies!

Located in Macomb, OK, we can transport your new puppy anywhere in the country, including: