Height: 16.5″

Weight: 55 pounds

Color: Black Trindle (triple carrier)




We have a passion for thick, bully, big boned bulldogs here at Bodybuilder Bulldogs. We don’t want our dogs to fit in we want them to stand out! We believe our boy Creed is evidence of that and that he will help us carry that into the future. He is just now coming into his own. His future is bright and we expect him to have a big impact on our next generation. Creed is a triple carrier, meaning he can produce all colors including tri, blue, chocolate and lilac.

Creed is open to stud to approved females




Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Tri City’s Blue Tanner




Cook’s Family Guy Stewie

Papa Smurf Koehler
Rocky’s Chubby Girl
Tri City’s Miss Amazing Grace A.T.S.R.’s Mr Piney Don’t Be Whiney
Bitterface Cheeto


SBK’s Lady of Bulky Built

SBK’s Maxamillion Butterball Bullies Rockstar Rambo
Blair Bullies Tinker Toes
SBK’s Annie of Bulky Built SBK’s Sammie
SBK’s Suzie