Available Puppies





Brindle Female (daughter of Creed x Piper) carries tri, possibly carries chocolate and blue – $1250


Black male (son of Bama & Creed) carries tri and chocolate, possibly carries blue


Chocolate trindle male (son of Creed & Bama). Carries chocolate, tri and possibly blue.

Chocolate trindle female (daughter of Creed & Bama) carries chocolate, tri and possibly blue

Black trindle female (daughter of Creed & Bama). Carries chocolate, tri and possibly blue.

The puppies below are from a very special breeding. We went looking for just the right stud for this breeding and found him at Bulky Built Kennels. Sunshine Bull’s Dollar of Bullforce is the proud dad of this beautiful litter. He is a European import. His blood is very rare in the US. He is lilac seal which means all his puppies carry blue and chocolate. We paired him with our girl Hemi. We are so proud of her and thrilled with this litter. Hemi and Dollar are pictured below.



Blue male (son of Hemi & Dollar from Bulky Built Kennels). Carries blue, chocolate and possibly tri.






We have more puppies coming. Check out “Breedings” page to see what is coming!